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Join the professionals pursuing greater online engagement as they navigate consumer behaviors, ensure secure connections and push the boundaries of today’s integrated digital lifestyle. With over half of the planet going online via smartphones, tablets etc. we live in a digital first world and consumers demand that its all at our fingertips.

The world’s leading multimedia companies come to CABSAT to explore the latest content production tools, online distribution and monetizing models and cyber security tech to secure their content. From social media platforms, to media giants, to e-retailers and everything in between, its time to go all-in on delivering content via the latest technology and delivery platforms out there. Connect with those connecting the world of content.


Past Attendees of CABSAT

Who will you Meet

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Network Executives
  • Creative Professionalst
  • Wireline/ Wireless Carriers
  • Media Planners
  • Marketers
  • Publicists
  • Brand Managers
  • Network Executives
  • Online Publishers
  • Digital Strategists
  • Data Scientists
  • Creative Professionals

Exhibition Sectors

  • Content Creation
  • Content Production
  • Content Distribution

Related Features

  • Content congress
  • Digital Hub Seminars

Exhibitor Categories

  • Second Screen Apps
  • Mobile Handsets / Connected Consumer Devices
  • Delivery & Distribution Equipment
  • Playout Equipment
  • Content Creation