Broadcasters Rally to Fill Content Gaps | 11 June 2020, 2PM UAE/ 10AM GMT

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About the webinar

As global lockdowns ease, broadcasters are challenged to stay creative & keep feeding content starved subscribers in the midst of delayed and suspended production of Films & TV series. No one can predict which affected areas of the world will be open to resume production first. What we do know, though, is that eventually productions will resume. Big buck production houses and major OTT streaming services built on offering new options every week — or even every day face more of a challenge if the coronavirus causes long-term production delays. How is the industry coping, and what's the solution?

Key highlights

  • With massive delays in screening of their blockbusters, are film companies thinking of handing out their hit releases to streaming platforms where the earning potential is significantly less?
  • How is social distancing impacting the ability of a cast and crew to film?
  • How to adapt your content given the restrictions that are currently in place?
  • Will content producers and television networks be forced to use new technology to both facilitate production and to engage users in new ways? 
  • Could clearly articulated regulations be the key to ensuring that content production can swiftly resume?


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Khulud Abu Homos 

Founder & CEO - Arab Format Lab

Vital force behind the startup crowdsourcing local talent in the Arab world


Tracey Grant
VP Content and Channels - ViacomCBS Networks, Middle East

Leading content strategy for one of the world's leading producers of premium entertainment content


Catherine Mwangi

Head of TV Production and Programming - Kenya Television Network

Steering creative thinking & innovation for Kenya's first and oldest private TV station


Nick Grande


Founder & CEO of  multi award-winning Online Content Marketplace for the MENA region