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Spotlight Session: Gaming Industry: Is Media & Entertainment Gearing up for the Next Paradigm Shift?

17 May 2023
Content Congress Stage
  • The gaming industry in the MENA region is predicted to hit the $5 billion mark by 2025. The number of players in the three largest markets – Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt – is predicted to hit 86 million by 2025. Global players are looking to enter this market with large investments.
  • As competitive video games continue to integrate into popular culture - global investors, brands, and media platforms are eyeing this segment. How are brands working with the esports ecosystem?
  • Growing audiences and increasing engagement – what are the routes to grow viewership online?
  • Are there opportunities for the Entertainment industry and esports organizations to capitalize on growing interest in gaming?
  • What is the future of content in the MENA esports industry?
Lalit Vase, Founder & CEO - Nasr eSports
Andrew Hill, Director – Digital Entertainment - Etisalat by e&
Saeed Sharaf, CEO - eSports Middle East
Aref Abed, Mobile Apps & Gaming Manager - mbc group
Aravind Swaminathan, Co-Founder - Calyx

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