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Content Creation


Celebrating the compelling and engaging creator economy

Technological breakthroughs and innovation are transforming the content creation industry, enabling a much wider pool of content creators using a variety of tools to develop unique content that can easily be consumed over social media networks and OTT platforms, amongst other channels. The media and entertainment industry are also witnessing a transformational change with advanced technologies such as 4-8K cameras, drones, dual-camera VR, virtual production, AI and multi-dimensional tech transforming the production, editing, preservation and distribution of film. CABSAT will showcase these and other innovations provide you with an unmissable 3-day opportunity for business, networking and knowledge exchange.


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Meet Industry Leaders in Content Creation / Production

Discover innovative post-production and content management technology and solutions

Content Congress

The content congress will cover key trends, market developments and events that are producing an irreversible global change across major industries, including media, creating new forms of cross-border, regional collaboration. Focusing on the present while keeping an eye on the future, the Content Congress will delve into a number of key topics that are impacting the content creation community

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The Next Frontier of Content!

This year CABSAT's Next Gen Content Screening event will showcase the very best content the Middle East and Africa have to offer.

The event promises to be the prime marketplace for content creators, distributors and buyers in the Middle East and Africa gathering to exhibit the latest content offerings, explore production and co-production opportunities, network with the industry’s movers and shakers and discover the hottest new formats.

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Co-Production Salon

The MENA Region’s 2nd Co-Production Salon (Exclusively @ CABSAT 2023)

In partnership with

A dedicated meeting lounge for business opportunities in investment in Arabic content and attracting foreign TV/ Film projects in the MENA Region.

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Dubai Studio City Tour

CABSAT visitors can take part in a guided tour of Dubai Studio City’s world class production and post-production facilities – the largest in the MENA region – featuring boutique studios, a five-meter-deep water tank studio, green screen equipment and elephant doors

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Virtual Production Studio

In partnership with PIXOJAM

The on-site virtual production studio, will enable filmmakers and directors the space to create new worlds and explore their visions. Combining practical set and props with virtual backgrounds can create unlimited possibilities, and helps artists create freely with an intelligent system that adapts to them

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