eSports Pavilion Speakers

eSports Pavilion Speakers

  • Saeed Sharaf

    Saeed Sharaf

    Chief Executive Officer, Esports Middle East - ESME & President, Syrian Esports Association
  • Abdulaziz Alshehri

    Abdulaziz Alshehri

    2015 FIFA Interactive World Champion, eSports influencer and Celebrity
    2015 FIFA Interactive World Champion
  • Fernando Pereira

    Fernando Pereira

    President, Grow uP Esports
    Raising the bar for global sports industry development through large-scale eSports events like Co-GirlGamer Festival 2017, an event celebrating women's competiveness in sports.
  • Michiel Bakker

    Michiel Bakker

    Chief Executive Officer, GINX Esports TV
    Michiel Bakker is the CEO of GINX Esports TV, leading TV network worldwide dedicated to the industry expected to cross the billion-dollar threshold in 2019: ESPORTS.
  • Mohammad Albanna

    Mohammad Albanna

    Board member, UAE Esports Association & Team Captain, vSLash Esports
  • Daniel Cossi

    Daniel Cossi

    Chief Executive Officer, World eSports Consortium
  • Bertrand Amar

    Bertrand Amar

    Head of eSports, Webedia
  • Colin Webster

    Colin Webster

    President, South Africa Mind Sports & International Esports Federation
  • Tom Shun

    Tom Shun

    Chief Executive Officer, ACT Media
  • Mohammad Majali

    Mohammad Majali

    Partner, FATE Esports
  • Hakim Abu Nahel

    Hakim Abu Nahel

    Live Show Host, MC & Gaming Commentator
  • Abdullah Al Ghafari

    Abdullah Al Ghafari

    Game Analyst
  • Edouard Griveaud

    Edouard Griveaud

    Vice President - eSports, UTURN
  • Elie Gemayel

    Elie Gemayel

    General Manager, Arab Gaming Championship - AGC
  • Eric Husny

    Eric Husny

    Founder, Rawa TV
  • Luciano Rahal

    Luciano Rahal

    Club Director, Nasr eSports
  • Klaus Kajetski

    Klaus Kajetski

    Co-Founder, YaLLa Esports
  • Chantelle Tavid

    Chantelle Tavid

    Regional Marketing Manager - MENAT, Nvidia
    Ensuring regional partners produce impactful marketing campaigns that build an engaged fan base.
  • Baraa Abdulla

    Baraa Abdulla

    TV Anchor, Bahrain TV
    Bahrain television news presenter, Baraa is also deemed the regional Emcee.
  • Hashem Al Borno

    Hashem Al Borno

    eSports Manager, Gamers Lounge
  • Jens Fischer

    Jens Fischer

    Global eSport Specialist, EVS
    Bringing the highest standard of live production into the eSports arena to take programming to the next level.

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