CABSAT is the premier gathering for industry professionals seeking to optimize their time and investments. It offers a comprehensive experience for professionals in the Media Entertainment industry, featuring over 390 exhibitors and thousands of your peers in attendance. This provides an ideal environment to network, advance your career, and remain well-informed about the most recent trends and advancements in the field.

Discover all the exciting activities CABSAT has to offer below.


NextGen Content: Screening of un-released content offering marketplace for the region’s best content creators, distributors and investors, creating unique opportunities to be seen and heard.

NextGen Content will provide a unique platform to showcase content, explore production and co-production opportunities offering networking opportunities.



A dedicated meeting lounge for business opportunities in investment in Arabic content and attracting foreign TV/ Film projects in the MEASA Region.

Participants at the Co-Production Salon will explore opportunities for

  • Co-Production in long form entertainment content
  • Co-Funding entertainment content
  • Commissioning projects for OTT Originals

They will also explore additional content funding avenues including:

  • Brand integration
  • Private investment
  • Product placement

Join Co-production Salon for a conversation on where production ideas and solutions are maturing and areas that are still challenging


The fast pace of changing media landscape, cross-border and regional collaboration and the growing content creation economy are creating new opportunities and challenges faster than ever before. The Content Congress will gather industry experts from the media, broadcast, content creators and technology landscape to discuss these and explore ideas around future trends that will determine how you Create, Connect and Monetize the content lifecycle.


Virtual Production

In Partnership with

Virtual Production tools are maturing from specialty use cases to practical implementation in broadcast and scripted production pipelines. A pioneering on-site virtual production studio will enable filmmakers and directors the space to create new worlds and explore their visions on the show floor. Combining practical set and props with virtual backgrounds can create unlimited possibilities, and helps artists create freely with an intelligent system that adapts to them.


“The remarkable advantage of this setup is that any innovations created in the Virtual Production studio can be easily transferred to our other markets.”
Azin Smarmand

Join Virtual production 1 studio set for a conversation on where solutions are maturing and areas that are still challenging to navigate


Witness the next big idea in Media & Entertainment. Startup Space takes place on Day 2 on the NEXTup stage! CABSAT is proud to bring startup companies and investors together for the NEXTup space. This dynamic entrepreneur pitch competition has been crafted with the aim of fostering investment and driving growth in the industry. The grand prize winner will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive private meetings – with today’s top investors – facilitating further investment and expansion opportunities.

Stay up to date on NEXTup and see which startups are competing


Slots in the Startup Pavilion are available on a first-come/first-served basis – contact Rajendra Salgaonkar at Rajendra.salgaonkar@dwtc.com for details and availability. Learn more and see who’s exhibiting in the pavilion today!