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nxtedition Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: 102
nxtedition is a comprehensive, microservices solution that combines video production, playout, and distribution. It is designed to streamline the workflows for broadcasters of all sizes, from local stations to global media organisations. Nxtedition enables users to create and publish news stories quickly and easily, with intuitive tools for video editing, graphics creation, and text production. It also provides features for managing content, organising teams, and automating routine tasks, allowing journalists to focus on creating compelling content. nxtedition takes a microservices for physical kit approach, that enables the system to scale easily as the needs of the organisation evolve. This approach also allows users to replace traditional hardware with software-defined solutions, reducing the need for expensive physical equipment. With its advanced features and innovative technology, nxtedition is a powerful tool for newsrooms looking to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive media landscape.

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