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Exhibitor Press Releases

22 Mar 2023

SatService Software and Hardware for SES’s O3b mPOWER

SatService GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: PD39
SatService Software and Hardware for SES’s O3b mPOWER
SatService Software and Hardware for SES’s O3b mPOWER MEO Verified and Approved
O3b mPOWER is SES’s next-generation Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite communications system that can scale reliably and dynamically to meet customer demands. After its scheduled launch later this year, the O3b mPOWER system will deliver connectivity services ranging from tens of megabits to multiple gigabits per second. SatService provided the following product solutions for the O3b mPOWER system:- sat-nms MNC system: The MNC Monitoring & Control System sat-nms IO-FEP2 I/O Front-End-Processor sat-nms LBRX19 L-Band Beacon Receiver Wilfried Megger, Managing Director of SatService says: "The trust and cooperation we have built with SES over a considerable time has, in recent years, positioned our solutions for the challenging technical tasks of O3b mPOWER and enabled further development. This has not only positioned us for use at SES, but also for other satellite and teleport operators. Some enhancements and developments were necessary, especially for the monitoring and control system, to ensure a solid foundation for sat-nms 4 and a state-of-the-art monitoring and control system with web front end and REST API.” “The collaboration with a wide range of hardware, software and services partners is the driving force behind the ecosystem vision of the O3b mPOWER system. Our collaboration with SatService has been especially important for our O3b mPOWER ground segment and fully unlocking a host of opportunities,” said Stewart Sanders, Executive Vice President of Technology at SES.

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