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11 Jan 2023

Simplestream enhances viewing experience with Singular

Simplestream Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-F27B
Simplestream enhances viewing experience with Singular
How do you take user experiences beyond what’s possible with broadcast? How do you match audiences’ expectations in content consumption for unprecedented depth in today’s OTT and streaming ecosystem? The viewing experiences of the future are surrounded by a halo of excitement, in parallel with the challenges posed by the need for innovation. The boundaries of modern broadcasting experiences have been pushed further away, reaching new heights, and setting the pace for what the future will look like. With some pillars in mind, when it comes to innovation, to be paired with common denominators such as flexibility of integration, and – most importantly – sustainability. – the leading web-based live graphics platform – and Simplestream joined forces to unlock richer experiences for end-users. A successful integration of the tech stacks led to the creation and deployment of data-qriven, dynamic graphic overlays, which provide streaming-focused content owners and broadcasters with a whole new range of monetisation opportunities for ‘live’ linear virtual channels built on the back of VOD content. Thanks to Channel Studio – Simplestream’s latest product addition to the suite of out-of-the-box products to power and distribute premium content – virtual, thematic channels can be created within minutes. All with the ease of a cloud-based infrastructure. “Think of a dashboard where operators can seamlessly create playlists of VOD assets, which can be combined together to create segments of variable length” – Simplestream’s Technical Director Ashley Horne highlights. “By using the planner in the backend, any operator can power ‘live’ linear channels and seamlessly distribute them to a variety of destinations: owned and operated platforms, Simplestream’s App Platform, or the most popular FAST platforms”, Horne adds. That’s where comes into play, with the enrichment of dynamic graphic overlays to appear on top of the clean stream source, for seamless presentation of any kind of information through eye-catching, interactive graphics. The flexibility of the solution integrated with the Simplestream’s tech stack – thanks to a number of different APIs along the workflow – proves to be integral to a successful deployment. ‍“What the team at Simplestream have created with their Channel Studio product is a really innovative solution that harnesses the full power of the Singular platform. This is definitely one of the most exciting integrations we have seen and truly leverages the best of both platforms” – states’s CEO, Andrew Heimbold. A use case found fertile land in the teleshopping space, as Simplestream worked with a commercial TV broadcaster in the APAC region and created the first virtual channels with graphic overlays for upsell and oversell opportunities. The operator can now monetise its content offering by serving data-qriven overlays tailored per piece of content promoted on screen. Information – captured from the video metadata – includes pricing, stock levels, and other detail. Shopping basket buttons can direct viewers to an eCommerce website, reducing the risk of basket abandonment. Not to mention the prospective enhancement of QR codes to reduce friction for the end-user even further, and accelerating purchasing decision.

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