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Exhibitor Press Releases

04 May 2023

x-dream-group presented a major upgrade to its Solution as a Service x-dream-Fabrik

X-dream-distribution GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-A20b
x-dream-group presented a major upgrade to its Solution as a Service x-dream-Fabrik
x-dream-Fabrik may be of interest to not only broadcasters of regional TV, special interest, event or business channels, but also for media groups and network operators building FAST channels. “We are very proud to present the result of our intense teamwork. The new version of x-dream-Fabrik is built on microservices architecture and fully preconfigured for an out-of-the-box experience. After discussions with our customers, we decided to offer an intuitive user interface based on drag-&-drop with a reduced look and feel for focused usage. x-dream-Fabrik is a fully integrated solution offering a minimal set of elements to be used straight away,” said Stefan Pfütze, Managing Director of x-dream-media GmbH. The most recent modules of x-dream-Fabrik are ProXchange, Scheduler, Playout and Archive. ProXchange software supports a bi-directional media exchange. Journalists, producers and operators can issue and receive work orders to/from production facilities and exchange data. ProXchange allows users to preview audio, video and graphic files. This is to ensure only files of genuine interest are downloaded. Scheduler module allows programmers and operators to create playlists based on assets from a content pool or live sources. Rundowns are composed from playlists. Multiple channels can be scheduled independently or in relation to each other weeks in advance. Schedules are usually made for 24/7 programing but can be used for event streaming planning as well. Additional playlist items, like logos, overlays (graphics, text, video), subtitles, ad insertion markers, etc. are available. Within Playout module, operators can manage and monitor the linear playout of the different channels. They can modify rundowns with video assets, via drag-&-drop from other modules, e.g. Upload, Exchange, MAM, Production. Archive is a remote or hybrid media asset management solution (MAM). It allows journalists and operators to store, manage, find and utilise assets. Users can work with an extensive metadata set and preview assets in a built-in mini player. To learn more about x-dream-Fabrik, please visit our stand K70 at the Media Production and Technology Show in London from 10-11 May, or the Bavarian Pavilion at CabSat in Dubai from 16-18 May. Alternatively, check our website for further details.

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