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28 Apr 2023

ABM - Broadband Electromagnetic Field Meter

Aldena Telecomunicazioni Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-J44
ABM is designed to measure and control the field strengths in compliance with personal health and safety regulations/requirements in according to international limits (ICNIRP, IEC, IEEE).ABM allows accurate measurements in real time with minimun effort for the operator. Main Features Broadband Measurement (DC - 65 GHz) Interchangeable Plug&Play Probes High Measurement Stability High Dinamic Range Multi datalogger 24H (up to 2 million records) GPS receiver integrated Temperature & Humidity sensors available on board Compact and Light (300g only) Operation time > 5 days Rechargeable Battery Anti-shock protective cover ALDENA provides a full range of E-Field/H-field probes covering different frequency ranges. Probes are plug&play, with individual calibarion certificate. In particular: New EP-8 wideband probe Electrical field (100kHz ÷ 8 GHz) New EWB-DIG Narrow band probe Digital signals (5G)


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