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Brainstorm Multimedia, S.L Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: PD05, PD06
Easy to use designer-oriented solution:Aston features a flexible toolset with an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface, so designers can create and build highly sophisticated graphics.Prepared for collaborative workflows:Aston allows designers to share objects, libraries, presets, properties, compositions or complete projects so they are available to anyone involved.Advanced, intuitive animation logic:StormLogic allows for building complex animations and interactions between elements with no need of scripting or complex animation matrixes.Aston can playout multiple channels from a single workstation or from different workstations, which can also be combined with the multiple simultaneous projects, providing extended workflow possibilities, and including InfinitySet into the equation, this extends the capabilities of both solutions. In addition to playing out several graphics in different channels, another typical application will be the compositing of a large videowall, in any resolution or aspect ratio, comprising different graphics, projects or layers that can be rendered and stack in a single output,Aston Multichannel can work within a single workstation, but by using OnDemand as a control application, multiple workstations can be controlled by a single operator. With these new capabilities there are now infinite combinations of projects, streams, channels and outputs.Aston fully supports PBR shaders as materials and can be imported from external shader editing software. In addition, Aston can render HDR in floating 16 bit per channel/component, supporting for P2020 gamma correction output. LayersLayers allow for creating simultaneous multiple renders using a single workstation. InfinitySet can now deliver several video outputs from a single instance or combine several crosspoints in a single video output (stack). Enhanced Stack LayersWith this feature, the canvas where the stack is composed can be of any size (depending on the hardware and outputs) and aspect ratio. Users can compose any type of output regardless its aspect ratio, allowing for filling in large LED walls, real or virtual.


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