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01 Mar 2023

Atlas NG

PROMAX TEST & MEASUREMENT, S. L. U. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: PD12
ATLAS NG is a broadcast spectrum analyzer capable of taking measurements up to 6 GHz covering the S and C bands, where an increasing number of technologies are all fiercely competing for bandwidth. It includes the latest broadcast technologies such as ATSC 3.0 and DVB-S2x in addition to 5G interference detectionIt includes a 3G-SDI input to run a full 3G-SDI signal diagnosis, including a professional audio meter and eye diagram, and features an external SDI input for that task, other than the standard ASI input and output.The built-in IPTV analyzer is able to analyze up to 4 IPTV streams simultaneously. The omnipresence of IP technology in the broadcast industry makes it compulsory for an analyzer to be capable of feeding from IPTV signals and monitor them. The flexibility of IPTV allows to flood a network with multiple streams. Therefore, it becomes essential to have at hand a tester that can monitor and picture several IPTV streams simultaneously.The new multitouch user interface based on customizable docking pannels ensures an improved user experience. The analyzer is easier to use than ever before!


  • OTT / Content Delivery / Broadcast

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