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22 Mar 2023

Detector Decimator D4

SatService GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: PD39
Advanced Signal Monitoring• The plot is displayed as an overlay on top of the multiple constellation display.• A trend plot is available to show the SNR over time so you can quickly spot any signal quality fluctuations.• Alarm lines indicate when the SNR has crossed the threshold.• Review previous constellations from the trend plot history.• Playback constellations determine whether the signal change was sudden or gradual.• Overview of the signal specification including SNR and measurement parameters such as symbol rate and roll-off.Perfect Complement to Your Decimator D4 Spectrum Monitoring and Generation of SNMP Traps and E-mail Alarm Notifications• Automated notifications occur while you watch the overview of all live carriers.• Save PNG pictures of the overall view or a particular carrier.• Use image files to generate your signal quality reports.• Reports can be emailed to external signal providers to highlight issues and/or to indicate compliance of the carrier quality over time.


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