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28 Apr 2023

EMLAB Software - Antenna pattern design

Aldena Telecomunicazioni Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-J44
  • EMLAB Software - Antenna pattern design
  • EMLAB Software - Antenna pattern design
EMLAB Software - Antenna pattern design EMLAB Software - Antenna pattern design
ALDENA redefines what a RF calculation software can do: powerful, versatile and revolutionary, EMLAB is an ALL-IN-ONE software solution, a work platform for Broadcasters and Mobile Operators, but also a reference tool for Telecommunication Authorities.Thanks to a REAL-TIME data evaluation, EMLAB allows the users to design complex antenna arrays. The software helps the user to obtain Horizontal and Elevation patterns modification, calculating the phase differences needed to obtain electric tilts, fill the first null, and obtain protection nulls.The user can make any type of mechanical (position) or electrical (phase/power) change of each antenna of the system and assess the results in real-time.EMLAB is also used for Health Safety and Field Strenght Exposure (NIR Predictions). It's possible to identify health EM risks and to study EM re-solutions. Manage, control and evaluate the EM fields generated by several trasmitting Antenna Systems.In addition, EMLAB calculates the radioelectric coverage, thanks to a detailed DTM (Digital Terrain Model) supplied together with EMLAB. Various mathematical algorithms and propagation models are included (Line-of-sight, Free Space + Reflections and Multiple Diffraction [RMD], ITU529, Okumura-Hata Davidson, Cost 231, ITU-R 1546, ITU-R 1812 ... and more).Manage and plan any MFN/ SFN networks for analogue or digital signals (DVB-T2, ATSC 3.0, DAB+, and more).Plan the necessary modifications for each Antenna System and view the final results in real-time.- Real time network planning and optimization;- Coverage Area / Interference calculation for MFN/SFN networks;- SFN problem discovering;- Easy SFN Network parameters management (synchronization, modulation, code rate, guard interval, RX antennas, TX delay management, ITU-ETSI regulations, etc);- Advanced reports (export on Google Earth/Maps, Covered/served population);


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