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01 Mar 2023

Erstream Content Delivery Network

Erstream Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: PD37
Live & VoD Streaming In Erstream CDN infrastructure, once video contents are cached by the Edge, within a predetermined cache time, when another end user requests the same content, the Edge can serve the user without the need to make a request to Mid Cache / Origin. This structure provides an optimized solution to possible saturation problems by preventing duplicate requests to Origin for shared content, and is the most important factor contributing to cost and resource management by keeping the use of BW at the lowest possible levels. In VOD distribution, even if there is no EDGE in between, it can easily make 20G uplink per instance. With 3 instances, it can extract 60G uplink at the same time without any problems. Thus, there is no delay due to storage. Mid-caches can actively use all storages. Any number of mid-cache and CDN Edge nodes can be included in the system in line with capacity planning. High Peak Performance Our Load-Balancer software and monitoring tools manages redundancy and fail-over mechanisms. Adding this the success of Erstream Encoding Services, high quality performance on all layers of the service is provided and most importantly CDN consumption is reduced. Since content is delivered with lower bit rates, viewing with highest bit rate is enhanced thus no compensation is made on the viewing quality even at peak times and as a result, CDN is not exhausted.


  • OTT / Content Delivery / Broadcast

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