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22 Mar 2023

Illuminator Decimator D4

SatService GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: PD39
  • Illuminator Decimator D4
  • Illuminator Decimator D4
  • Illuminator Decimator D4
Illuminator Decimator D4 Illuminator Decimator D4 Illuminator Decimator D4
Illuminator features:• View carriers at a glance• Up to 100 carriers in a single window• Colors indicate when carriers are in alarm• Display updates in real-time as carriers are measured• Zoom into a carrier to play back traces and view the trend plotThe trace is displayed as an overlay on top of the multiple carrier display• A trend plot is available to show the carrier power over time so you can quickly spot any power fluctuations• Alarm lines indicate when the carrier power has crossed the threshold• Review previous traces from the trend plot history• Playback traces to determine whether the power change was sudden or gradual• Overview of the carrier specifications like expected power and measurement parameters such as span or resolution bandwidth• The display can be configured in multiple ways – show all carriers, show only alarmed carriers or show a custom list of carriers• The most recently alarmed carrier is automatically moved to the top-left corner of the screen• As carrier issues are resolved, the non-alarmed carriers are no longer shown on the display when the carrier reverts to a nominal state• At-a-glance view of the alarmed carriers includes the duration of the alarm so it’s clear whether it’s a persistent or transient issue• Focus on priority carriers by creating a custom list of carriers to display by selecting the carriers of interest from the monitoring plan• The live display can be sized and configured to look good whether viewing on your monitor or on a large operations center screen• Generate SNMP traps and e-mail alarm notifications• Automated notifications occur while you watch the overview of all the live carriers• Save pictures of the overall view or a particular carrier to PNG files• Used to generate your carrier reports• Can be emailed to external carrier stakeholder


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