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IPTV Module

CryptoGuard AB Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: PD09
CryptoGuard’s CAS core server is upgradeable with an IPTV module software that enables deployment of cost-effective encrypted linear IPTV services over multicast IP networks.The IPTV module provides basic services (Channel list, EPG and EMMs for CAS) to IPTV set-top boxes without requiring any costly third-party IPTV middleware. All DVB and IPTV services are seamlessly managed from the CAS core server. The solution offers a wide selection of IPTV set-top boxes, from pure zapper boxes to more advanced boxes supporting also Android and OTT services. The Channel list, EPG and EMMs for decryption can either be pulled from an URL address by the STBs or sent to the STBs in a separate Multicast Stream from the IPTV Streamer. This way of providing the streams is more cost-effective and scales better than systems where a middleware server from a third-party provider is used.


  • OTT / Content Delivery / Broadcast

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