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LiveU Studio: 100% cloud-native live video production solution

LiveU Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-H21
>> Deliver more impactful live video content LiveU Studio gives you the ability to swiftly produce shows, complete with remote callers, video switching, audio mixing, graphics and social media monetization options directly from your web browser. >> Elastic cost efficiency Respond faster to current events! LiveU Studio provides a usage–based model that allows you to easily and quickly respond to higher, or lower volumes, meaning you only pay for what you need. You are always in control! >> Scale up your project to your needs Scale your live digital production at a moment’s notice with decentralized production collaborators worldwide while practicing more sustainable solutions. Customers get the latest features automatically, enjoying hands off deployment for all end users. Create multiple instances on the fly and scale up live projects remotely by creating workflows designed to your needs. >> Easy-to-use feature set With time-to-publish shorter than ever, production tools need to be straight forward and intuitive. Train your production operators with an easy-to-use feature set designed specifically for fast production of secondary and shoulder content.


  • Content Creation / Production

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