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01 Jun 2022


Senna d.o.o. - HR Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: PD46
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  • Masterpiece
Masterpiece Masterpiece Masterpiece
Introducing the Masterpiece, the ultimate new generation RGBW LED light on the market! With its cutting-edge technology, the Masterpiece boasts 6-15 times more strength than any other LED light with very low energy consumption (2.8kW). This fixture also features replaceable optics and diffusers, which enables you to create 3 different beam angles with one single fixture (120°, 60°, 15°). The color temperature range is an impressive 2,000K to 20,000K, offering unmatched flexibility in your lighting design. The Masterpiece comes with full onboard control, thanks to its 2 touch screen displays, wired DMX control, and LumenRadio CRMX wireless control built-in. This allows you to control the fixture as a single body, or in 2, 4, or 16 segments separately, allowing you to create precise and creative light presets. With an array of available modes, including CCT, RGBW, HSI, GEL, XY, and Effects, you can easily create your desired lighting effect. And speaking of effects, the Masterpiece offers a wide range of presets to choose from, including Basic (TV, Welding, Paparazzi, Kachusha, Fireworks, Explosion, Test), Natural (Lightning, Fire single, Fire Multi, Candles, Clouds, Comet, Sunrise, Sunset, Aurora), Warning (Police, Security, Warning, Fireman), Party (Color Chase, Strobe, Disco ball), and Travel (Snake, Snake Reverse, Snake White). So why settle for less when you can have the ultimate LED light? The name speaks for itself, Masterpiece is the real piece of art.


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