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Nimbra Edge

Net Insight Middle East Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-K40
Nimbra Edge is a distributing platform for live IP streams that ensures media content delivery from the source to all geographically dispersed destinations across unmanaged and public IP networks. The platform is focused at its core on reliability and performance, providing multiple combinations of stream protection mechanisms to deliver live media content to all destinations under different network conditions. All active routing services are secured using encrypted media transport protocols within the entire platform. Usability plays a key role in Nimbra Edge and the platform offers an intuitive interface that minimizes overhead for operators in large-scale deployments. Operators can easily monitor live media routing workflows with a graphical visualization dashboard that provides advanced live transport monitoring metrics for each single node across the routing chain from the source to all destinations. The open platform design allows Nimbra Edge to be deployed on cloud-agnostic environments, whether it is on any public cloud provider, on-prem data centers, or hybrid cloud setups. Support for all major retransmission protocols provides easy interoperability with already existing appliance ecosystems in the field. Moreover, Nimbra Edge strives for a seamless open integration of third-party appliances and solutions to complement and excel the capabilities of a complete live media delivery platform.


  • OTT / Content Delivery / Broadcast

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