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OCP-20P universal operation control panel

Incam Systems Co., Ltd. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-D40
OCP-20P is an universal operation control panel incorporates an LCD display with direct operation switches and a touch panel, which makes it a remote control panel that offers both ease of operation and multi-functionality. The iris and master black adjustment block employs joystick type control. Up to four units can be mounted in a 19-inch EIA rack. OCP-20P is equipped with the control functions required to perform various camera operations enabling the simple and accurate operation of various functions. The operation buttons, adjustment knobs, and other controls are arranged on the panel according to function and frequency of use. Guard frames are provided around buttons that are vital to the operation and setup of cameras to prevent the buttons from being unintentionally operated. OCP-20P provides RS422/485 protocol include power supply to Incam cameras, and is possible to connect by LAN cable with POE as option.


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