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PS-EFP power solutions for broadcast camera

Incam Systems Co., Ltd. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-D40
The PS-EFP system is designed to provide most cost-effective solution of power and data connection such as video and communication between the camera and the CCU with standard single-mode optical fiber which can be up to 10km. Eliminate interference and grounding problems, saving the weight and cost of laying cables, it uses ordinary fiber optic connectors to connect cameras and CCUs through existing fiber optic infrastructure, or temporary field fiber optic cables. The system supports the standard camera power supply protocol, which enables the camera and the CCU to activate of the optical transceiver inside, and establish a real connection between them with ordinary single-mode optical fiber. The power supply unit can supply power to the camera through a standard SMPTE cable of at least 1.5 km, and the power can meet the 4K and HD cameras installed with box lenses and other high-power accessories. It can keep the ENG call function when the optical fiber is kept connected, while the camera is powered off and the CCU is powered on.


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