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On-site production solution: Bringing efficiency to on-site set-ups

LiveU Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-H21
>> Minimal setup. Lower costs. Traditional/RF on-site production comes with significant operational overheads. Setting up line of sight infrastructure, cabling, and pre-sourced internet capabilities, and staff travel, is costly with longer set-up times. LiveU's On-site Production Solution brings remote production (REMI) efficiencies to outside broadcasts. It offers a simpler, more efficient workflow and allows you to go live in seconds with lower costs, and practically no prior setup. >> Limitless production value Unleash the full potential of your live coverage and take your viewers to places they’ve never been before! Enable new sports productions that were previously costly or complex and expand existing productions with new content from innovative angles. The LiveU On-site Production solution lets you capture thrilling action from any angle or location, including moving vehicles, helicopters and challenging terrains. >> Public network – just one click away One challenging aspect of on-site productions is network connectivity, making sure it is highly secure and reliable for transmitting your live feeds. LiveU allows you to easily jump this hurdle, establishing a reliable and secure public network connection in just one click! The LU-Link cloud service eliminates the need for network technicians on-site, seamlessly pairing your LiveU field units and field-based Mobile Receiver.


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