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TVU Remote Production Solutions

TVU Networks Corp Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-D21
The TVU RPS Link Encoder provides multi-camera, synchronized remote production capability using IS+ and aggregating up to 12 connections. This includes embedded 5G/LTE modems, WIFI, Ethernet or satellite. RPS Link Encoder features latency as low as 500ms. It supports h.264 or H.265 encoding up to 15Mb/s per channel in VBR or CBR. IP based peripherals such as talkback, tally light, and remote cameras have full connectivity via VLAN tunnel. TVU RPS transmits up to six fully frame synchronized HD sources from a remote location to a studio. TVU RPS supports up to two HD return video feeds, 16 audio channels per input, delivers sub-second latency down to 0.5 seconds and features H264 or HEVC CBR or VBR encoding for efficient data use over commodity internet. TVU Timelock is a wireless 4K/HDR solution for remote production over aggregated cellular. It allows for completely wireless, untethered REMI production. Multiple camera-persons using standard TVU One / TVU One 4K devices transmitting via aggregated cellular can freely roam while covering an event. All TVU One devices and their corresponding receivers are synchronized together allowing production to take place at a remote location. TVU Quadlock uses aggregated cellular uplink for fixed remote production. Featuring an external mux adapter, it is possible to input up four 1080P SDI signals and transmit together via IS+ and Smart VBR encoding using a single TVU One 4K to a TVU 4K transceiver. All four sources are demuxed and output fully frame synchronized, allowing for production in a remote studio.


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