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ABV International

Founded in 2006, ABV International is one of the world's leading solutions providers for the Pay-TV industry. With offices in over 14 locations worldwide and headquartered in Singapore, ABV International specializes in creating flexible and powerful solutions to secure content.

Our varied catalogue, including CA System, DRM, OTT, Magicube Middleware system, allow us to deliver a tailored and efficient approach to protect and enhance revenue.


#29-71 WCEGA Tower
21 Bukit Batok Crescent



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  • ABV Conditional Access System (CAS)
    The ABV CA System was developed by our engineers to provide the ultimate protection for your content and revenue. ABV’s CA System supports full integration with a multitude of consumer devices and solutions. This allows our customers to have full control over the design and implementation of a specific business model. Whether it maybe cable, satellite, terrestrial, IP or hybrid network, our CA System can adapt and help you provide a wider range of services and options.
  • ABV Digital Rights Management (DRM)
    ABV DRM provides full protections on both head ends and client ends by integrating PlayReady Servers and PlayReady Clients. With an approved licensee of the Microsoft PlayReady System, ABV has integrated the PlayReady system into ABV DRM, which is compatible across a host of devices including SDK clients for mobile products and so on. Our engineers can also provide routine support and maintenance in line with Microsoft’s requirements. ABV DRM will ensure security in content and cost-effectiveness.
  • ABV MagiCube Middleware System

    ABV MagiCube Middleware System

    ABV International

    ABV’s MagiCube is a value-added solution that provides the operators with a host of management operational options in the Paid TV environment. ABV’s MagiCube is the integration of our Products and Solutions into a single platform, including Push VoD System, IP VoD System, Electronic Advertisement System, Audience Measurement, MultiScreen Solutions, Emergency Alert System, etc. As a middleware, ABV MagiCube is completely compatible with ABV CA system and ABV DRM. Every Product/Solution integrated in the configuration selected by the operator can be easily managed through a user friendly interface. The system can change configuration can be customized at any time to keep it up-to-date with the market needs.
  • ABV VOD System (Push VOD & IP VOD)
    ABV Push VOD System helps broadcasters deliver data packages in a cost-effective manner. It is extremely useful in providing services to locations with a difficult access or with low infrastructure. System can deliver data at a very high speed everywhere within the satellite range. Before the content is uploaded to the ABV Push VOD System, the DRM will encrypt, manage and set a price to the content accordingly to the operators plan. ABV IP VOD System is aimed at users connected through LAN. The servers include Local Content Management, Subscriber Management, and several CDN depending on the capacity of the server. The terminal devices can be IP STBs, Personal Computer or Mobile Devices. The ABV IP VOD solution, also give operators the ability to dynamically insert commercials into multiscreen.
  • ABV Electronic Advertising System (EAD)
    ABV Electronic Advertisement System (EAD) supports various forms of Advertisements that can be integrated into the STB GUI seamlessly. It allows operators to bring an extremely high exposure of revenue from advertisements to the end-users without interrupting their viewing experience. ABV EAD supports different types of Ads, including boot up logos during STB loading period, logos for radio channels and banners with embedded Ads. Ads display is also available for Channel List, Volume bar and EPG Menu. Ads formats can be text, picture and video. ABV International also provides a strong management & distribution system to manage the raw materials, Advertisement libraries, schedule, time slot, channels, etc. Advertisement can be distributed to a certain channels at a certain times in order to successfully reach the targeted audience. The Advertisement type and format the STB can support depends on the STB chip-set, flash and memory configuration.
  • ABV Audience Measurement System (AMS)
    ABV Audience Measurement System enables Operators to collect feedback regarding user behavior, detect and isolate trouble spot and continuous optimization. With a whole range of analytical tools and tracking technology, AMS will help our broadcasters to measure their audience and target their ads.
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