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AEQ (Aplicaciones Electronicas Quasar) S.A.

Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-A41
  • Content Creation / Production
  • OTT / Content Delivery / Broadcast
The Company’s strategic model aims to secure technological innovations to meet current developing trends.Media, especially Radio and Television, is being propelled by technology advancements. The need to adjust operational cost in a competitive environment, the demands for better quality audio and video transmissions and the necessity to broadcast news instantaneously are among the reasons to this vigorous technological race. On this path, AEQ has been at the forefront; providing new solutions and technological development to broadcasters.More than 40 years listening and responding to the needs. Not all of AEQ innovations originated from the implementation of technical advances. We like to listen to the market and on occasions, we have developed equipment, with existing technologies that were not applied to radio and television, from simple ideas and feedback thereby fostering productivity. Our mision is to be an international leader providing high performance and cost efficient Audio and Video products and solutions for the Broadcasting Industry. The application of up-to-date technologies in our products and always ensuring customers the best solutions for their installations and operations.


Margarita Salas 24

  • Our first codec saw the light in 1993 and was called AEQ ACD-3001. It was with today's measures a very simple and straight-forward AudioCodec for one B-channel. Since then, a lot has happened, BUT AEQ ...
  • Xpeak is a new Distributed Global Intercom System without Matrix, cloud based system with focus on TV production optimized for remote production.
  • Broadcast mixers

    22 Mar 2023
    We have audio mixing consoles for broadcasting and production using digital and analog technologies with varying feature levels, but always with all the particular characteristics you need for your br ...
  • AEQ

    AEQ provides nearly everything that you could be requiring with regards to the Audio equipment for your Radio or TV Broadcasting facilities.
  • XPEAK - Matrixless Intercom System

    20 Apr 2023 Sergey Alekseev
    Xpeak Intercom System has been developed with technology providing the highest quality interconnecting circuits in the simplest way possible. With Xpeak, you can forget about complicated communication ...
  • TALENT - Portable IP Audiocodec

    20 Apr 2023 Sergey Alekseev
    Expand your voice simply and quickly with TALENT, ultra-compact personal IP audiocodec.
  • AEQ presents new solutions at 2023 CABSAT - S1-A41 A renewed range of audio and communications equipment as:- TP 9116, user panel for intercom system with 4-way toggle keys.- VENUS 4, IP audiocodec, s ...
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