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Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-E31
  • OTT / Content Delivery / Broadcast
  • Satellite & Space Tech
ELECTROLINK Srl develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range of products dedicated to RF transmission and more.The company philosophy is to create Simple Advanced Technology.The R&D department carries out a continuous activity to find advanced and competitive solutions in economic terms, works closely with the main Italian and world broadcasters, proposing and sharing new products in step with the times.Thanks to this constant activity, Electrolink occupies various market sectors including Broadcasting systems, high-end RF passive components, (Filters, Combiners, ISM Industrial - scientific – Medical), IoT, wireless communications LoRa, RF measurement systems, air traffic control systems, radio communications, industrial and scientific application.Electrolink is very sensitive to the management costs of the systems, that is why all the produced devices are characterized by an appreciated efficiency.Electrolink has also worked hard to provide compact design items.The thirty-year experience (Electrolink was born in 1990) in the design and production of transmitters allows to supply devices with an equalized quality - price ratio and with the certainty of a technological partner on which to rely on, thus guaranteeing reliability over time.Thanks to an in-depth analysis by the research and development department on the compatibility of components, Electrolink has maintained stable delivery times to its customers, proving to be a reliable supplier at all levels.Electrolink is ISO:9001, ISO:14001 certified and has recently also obtained ISO:45001 certification, demonstrating its sensitivity in respecting problems as well as respecting the environment that surrounds us.The achievement of the objectives by the ELECTROLINK personnel ranks first among the main targets. The use of the multilevel Key Performance Indicator is used to achieve the objectives set below, the main ones:- Sales KPIs = Target = Customers- Financial KPIs = Leverage = Data- Customer KPIs = Wish = Competition- Operational KPIs = Insight = Innovation- Marketing KPIs = Metrics = Value


Electrolink plant
Via Delle Acacie 28

  • Digital Radio Link

    21 Apr 2023
    Electrolink has increased its range of products by inserting a new line dedicated to radio links.
  • Electrolink for FM SYSTEMS LINES presents the updated line of power amplifiers made up of vertical modules.
  • Electrolink for DAB SYSTEMS LINES presents the updated line of power amplifiers made up of vertical modules.
  • ELECTROLINK for the DAB LINE SERIES, presents the 250 W RMS.This item has also been designed in the amplifier version to be able to create power systems.
  • ELECTROLINK, for the Filter and Combiner Line, presents the DAB FILTER 750W RMS and DUAL BRIDGE FM COMBINER
  • ELECTROLINK, for the Accessories Line, presents its production of coaxial relays, directional couplers, digital RF monitoring and rigid lines.
  • ELECTROLINK for the FM LINE SERIES, presents the 5kW transmitter equipped with direct synthesis (DDS) or analog modulator.
  • The remux system allows to receive up to three satellite bouquets, MUX them, modulate them in the DVB-T or DVB-T2 format and deliver them to a UHF amplifier (existing or to be supplied).The result obta ...
  • “We work with ENENSYS Technologies for many years, and we are very honored to have built this successful partnership for this ambitious project. It’s a great success to have delivered all the systems ...
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