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FlixForge Ltd

Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-F27A
FlixForge is the number 1 scalable OTT solution for content creators globally. With a sleek user interface allowing users to watch via no hassle PWA integration, there’s no solution more powerful than FlixForge to elevate your content. We stream globally in any language whilst offering local language solutions. Your content, you’re in control. FlixForge supports all business model types (including multiple models in one service). We support SVOD (recurring payments and free trial periods), AVOD, TVOD and free as well as vouchers and pre-booking for live events. Allowing you ultimate control and flexibility over your content and how you wish to monetize it. Our innovative PWA solution enables you to make the most out of your marketing. With our instant play PWA, your followers get immediate access to your free content without any form filling. Piquing their interest and ensuring you the highest conversion rates on your paid plans without the hefty commission to Apple or Google. Whilst still supporting all the top native store apps. Your content is precious, which is why we have embedded Hollywood studio approved DRM in our stack. Including Google Widevine, Apple Fairplay and Microsoft Playready. If it’s important to you, you can be sure it’s protected by us.


United Kingdom

  • CINDIE is partnering with Flixforge's platform, offering over 200 hours of premium curated content exclusively to audiences in Latin America
  • End to end OTT platform Flixforge and independent movie studio Animortal Studios have teamed up to stream critically acclaimed movie Chuck Steel. Night of the Trampires to audiences around the world.
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