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Shenzhen Greatway Technology Co., Limited

Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-D30-1
  • Satellite & Space Tech
Greatway Technology Co., Limited was founded in 2004 by talented engineers after supplying excellent fiber optic transmitters and receivers to hundreds of CATV networks in China. Our mission: “Bring satellite and internet next to us by fiber and coaxial cable”. Our vision: “Making light work for us” Positioned as a "design house and factory", Greatway Technology has been OEM/ODM manufacturing CATV fiber optic transmission products for some companies in USA and Canada, offering North America standards and Made in China cost-effective products. Greatway Technology got into EPON/GPON business in 2009. We were one of the few pioneers of CATV and Internet FTTH deployment in Guangdong CATV (the biggest CATV network on this planet), providing all fiber optic equipments, FTTH design and installation. Requested by DirecTV Latin America in 2015, Greatway Technology started designing Satellite TV over GPON fiber products. Greatway Technology redefines optical LNB or fiber LNB which makes satellite TV easier to any FTTH subscribers. Greatway Technology also released GNSS fiber extender to offer GPS or Beidou service over fiber in the tunnel or subway. Greatway Technology has been offering 1218MHz Broadcast and Narrowcast CATV RF Fiber transmitters and nodes, CAS optical transmitter and CAS optical receiver for one-way forward path CATV FTTH system, RFoG Micronodes for Docsis 3.0/3.1/4.0 FTTH cable modems, Satellite Single/Twin/Quattro fiber optic LNB over GPON, Two/Four satellites over one fiber, GPS or Starlink satellite fiber extender, GPON and GPON+, 1080P 60P HD-SDI Fiber Link, fiber optic active and passive component. With experience providing high quality products in Internet and RF over fiber distribution industries, Greatway’s expertise lies in the development, design, production, engineering and prototyping customer design products, OEM and ODM. We provide effective Outsourcing Solutions for the customized needs. Teams up with highly qualified partners, Greatway is able to deliver leading edge cost effective solutions to serve customers successfully.


5F West, Building 2
Lihe Industrial Park
1055 Songbai Road

  • GFD2000 Fiber Optic LNB Dongle can be installed at the satellite STB RF porting, converting FTTH optical signal into satellite RF. Power by sat STB, GFD2000 outputs excellent satellite signal at -18dB ...
  • GLB3500E-2R satellite TV FTTH Optical LNB is a fiber optic receiver converting optical signal into RF for up to 4 satellite receivers in one home. Working with Greatway GLB3500E-2T satellite TV optica ...
  • Greatway Technology has full product families inserting one satellite, two satellites or four satellites over GPON/XGPON FTTH direct to each home. The fiber optic LNB can be installed anywhere the fib ...
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