5G Focus Day

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5G and the Future of Broadcasting

The first 5G Focus Day at CABSAT 2020 showcase live debates, demonstrations and presentations about the future of broadcasting.

Each session carefully curated to give you a glimpse of how 5G speeds will make a massive impact on innovation in the media and entertainment industry.

5G networks are set to unleash another wave of innovation, new players and disruption on the existing value chain as video consumption and entertainment grows more mobile.  Beyond the promise of 5G’s transformative impact, CABSAT brings the industry leaders to be part of the conversations about the major threats to broadcast and cable TV as we know it.

Considering what 5G enables we are beginning to experience a new era of consolidation in the marketplace for services and content providers from subscription streaming services and now to new short-form entertainment services such as TikTok and Quibi continue to divert the audience’s attention as they grapple with choice of content and a range of devices.

Join us as speakers date with the about what consumers really want? How networks plan to meet bandwidth and latency demands?  What the reality of immersive content brings and its required capabilities?  How Esports has evolved at a pace unrivaled to any other sport? Who will be the first movers and adopters of 5G once standards are in place?


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Who Attends?

  • Standards & Regulation Policy Makers
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • 5G Researchers
  • Telecom Companies & Mobile Operators
  • 5G Distribution & Broadcasters
  • Esports and Immersive Technologies

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5G Focus Day Agenda

  1. 60 mins
    • 5G Focus Day
  1. 20 mins
    • 5G Focus Day
    • Spectrum planning for mobile, broadcasting with a focus on capabilities and services of 5G
    • Why is mmWave spectrum so important for 5G, and what impact can it have if harnesses correctly
  1. 20 mins
    • 5G Focus Day
    • How will 5G transform the types of services that broadcasters can deliver?
    • Impact of Eemerging technologies such as Mobile Edge Compute (MEC)
    • How network slicing and heterogeneous network orchestration have the potential to support Virtual Reality (VR), object-based broadcasting and a move from traditional broadcast services towards wholly IP delivery that enables new content and user experiences?
  1. 15 mins
    • 5G Focus Day
    • The role private sector plays in supporting governments in digital transformation
    • Finding the right partners to accelerate IoT opportunities
    • Exploring the region’s industry readiness for 5G and key use cases
  1. 40 mins
    • 5G Focus Day
    • Choosing the correct approach: build a new network or evolving the existing one
    • Integrating core network functions and IT systems in an agile way
    • Leveraging cloud, IoT and virtualization for improved performance and monitoring
    • Coping with competition amongst operators, OTTs and increasing customer demand
    • How can Telcos partner with mobile operators to accelerate 5G deployment
    • How smart cities is integrated into media and entertainment
  1. Lunch
    20 mins
    • 5G Focus Day
  1. 40 mins
    • 5G Focus Day

    WRC 2019 outcomes for 5G and next steps for WRC 2023. The Radio Regulations, which are agreed and modified at regular World Radio Communication Conferences are one of the main tools for managing the radio spectrum. WRC meetings are held approximately every 4 years.

    Delegates at the World Radio Communication Conference 2019 (WRC-19) have identified additional radio-frequency bands for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT), which will facilitate the development of 5G.

    New Resolutions approved at WRC-19 and new items has been identified for WRC-23 that will impact operators and satellite companies

  1. 40 mins
    • 5G Focus Day
    • What consumers expect from 5G entertainment and what new revenue models will generate change.
    • Unleashing innovation, new players and disruption on the existing value chain:
    • 5G and the growing appetite for eSports
    • How the future of Internet TV, Telecoms and Pay TV in a 5G world
    • How disruption (IoT, 5G, AR/VR/will change leadership in telecommunications
    • Is infrastructure supporting networks equipped for 5G?
  1. 20 mins
    • 5G Focus Day
    • Merging telco and IT to attract more women in policy making and 5G
    • Creation of different verticals and enterprises, sparking new partnerships not traditionally explored

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26 – 28 October 2020  |  Dubai World Trade Centre

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