GVF Satellite Hub Summit Speakers

GVF Satellite Hub Summit Speakers

  • Khalid Al Awadhi

    Khalid Al Awadhi

    Manager, Broadcasting & Space Services, Spectrum Management Affairs Department, United Arab Emirates Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
    Responsible for regulating spectrum use, developing, & protecting space services in the UAE, Khalid also leads the UAE in ITU meetings on space radio services.
  • Alexander Mueller-Gastell

    Alexander Mueller-Gastell

    Chief Executive Officer, ND SATCOM
  • Torsten Kriening

    Torsten Kriening

    Chief Commercial Officer, PTScientists
  • Ramesh Ramaswamy

    Ramesh Ramaswamy

    Senior Vice President & General Manager, International Division, Hughes
  • James Taylor

    James Taylor

    Director, Business & Market Development, Methera Global Communications Ltd
  • Dan Losada

    Dan Losada

    Vice President, International Sales, Hughes
  • Steve Richeson

    Steve Richeson

    Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mission Microwave Technologies LLC
  • Ramsey Khanfour

    Ramsey Khanfour

    Vice President, Corporate Development, Middle East & Africa, SES
  • H.E. Dr. Riyadh Najm

    H.E. Dr. Riyadh Najm

    Chairman , Advisory Committee for the Arab Radio & TV Academy
  • Martin Jarrold

    Martin Jarrold

    Chief, International Programme Development, GVF
  • Omar Diab

    Omar Diab

    Regional Sales Manager, Middle East, iDirect
  • Hassan Aouisse

    Hassan Aouisse

    Director, Systems Engineering, iDirect
  • Andrew Faiola

    Andrew Faiola

    Head of Mobility, Newtec
  • Guido Baraglia

    Guido Baraglia

    Director of Business Development & Sales, Kratos Communications
  • David Burr

    David Burr

    Vice President, Business Development, Satellite Operators & Mobility, Comtech EF Data
    As a 30-year veteran of the satellite communications industry, David develops strategies and applications to address maritime & satellite operator market verticals.
  • Sébastien Couvet

    Sébastien Couvet

    EMEA Sales Manager, Integrasys
  • Ghassan Murat

    Ghassan Murat

    Managing Director, MENA, Eutelsat
    Previous Director Commercial Strategy & Business Intelligence, he now drives commercial development, partnerships & new business models for a world leading satellite operator.
  • Javier Santos

    Javier Santos

    International Business Development Engineer, INSTER Tecnología y Comunicaciones, S.A.U.
  • Ronald van der Breggen

    Ronald van der Breggen

    Chief Commercial Officer, LeoSat
  • Nick Dowsett

    Nick Dowsett

    Director, IntelsatOne Managed Solutions, Intelsat
  • Nick Roulier

    Nick Roulier

    Vice President, Customer Enablement, SES Networks
  • Jack Buechler

    Jack Buechler

    Vice President, Business & Product Development, Talia
  • Stéphane Chenard

    Stéphane Chenard

    Senior Analyst, Euroconsult
    A Middle East & Africa expert, Stéphane also assess the market for future satellite application and evaluates investment risk & business plans for their clients.
  • Gagan Agrawal

    Gagan Agrawal

    Senior Consultant, Northern Sky Research
  • Kumar Singarajah

    Kumar Singarajah

    Director, Regulatory Affairs & Business Development, ViaSat
    Kumar is helping shape how consumers, businesses, governments and militaries around the world communicate through an intricate global network.
  • Martin Coleman

    Martin Coleman

    Executive Director, Satcoms Innovation Group
  • Yassir Hassan

    Yassir Hassan

    Director, Transmission Operations, ArabSat
  • Ellie Wang

    Ellie Wang

    Head, Data Treatment Section, Space Publication & Registration Division, Space Services Department, Radiocommunication Bureau, International Telecommunication Union
  • Virgil Labrador

    Virgil Labrador

    Editor-in-Chief, Satellite Markets & Research
  • Riaz Lamak

    Riaz Lamak

    South Asia Liaison for Training, Benchmarking, Validation & Product Quality, GVF

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