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Satellite's Disruptive Evolution - In Orbit, On Earth

09 Nov 2020

In the first of two panel sessions, the focus will be on satellite's disruptive evolutionary trends on the space segment and ground segment. Featuring David Meltzer as moderator, the panel will comprise Dave Rehbehn, VP International Division, Hughes Network Systems; Simon Gray, SVP Civil Government, Eutelsat; Imran Malik, VP Global Sales Fixed Data, SES; and, Michael Di Paolo, Director of Business Development, SpaceBridge.

The term “disruptive evolution” has an established place in satellite industry dialogues. In-orbit technology is changing, quickly and in a big way.  Along with some of the very latest GEO satellites about to achieve near-terabit throughput capacity (and at much reduced cost per Gbps), existing MEO constellations evolving into more powerful systems, and the first spacecraft of the LEO mega-constellations already orbited, the capabilities of the space segment are increasingly matching the bandwidth requirements of an increasingly inter-connected broadband world. Space infrastructure on the ground is also undergoing a game-changing shift. Amongst other trends, teleports are evolving, and antennas/terminals are expected soon to feature a long-awaited cost-effective form-factor and performance departure from the traditional parabolic paradigm.

Questions for this discussion will include: How are the capabilities of the space segment increasingly matching the bandwidth requirements of an increasingly inter-connected broadband world? Are the emerging NGSO constellations a competitive threat to existing GEO and MEO, or an evolution of complementary in-orbit capabilities to further extend satellite’s reach into newer markets? What are the principal, pivotally game-changing, characteristics of the evolution in infrastructure in the ground segment, including teleports, which will most impact the space segment? What are the specific space segment innovations that Hughes, Eutelsat, and SES are currently developing and rolling out? What are the key characteristics/factors/features of how the new antenna technologies work that make them such an important advance?

David Meltzer , Secretary General - GVF
Dave Rehbehn , Vice President International Division - Hughes Network Systems
Simon Gray , Senior Vice President of Civil Government - Eutelsat
Imran Khan, Vice President, Global Sales Fixed Data - SES
Michele Di Paolo , Director of Business Development - SpaceBridge

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24 - 26 May 2021

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