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16 Dec 2022

Thousands Of Steam Video Games Are Now Available In Tesla Cars

Thousands Of Steam Video Games Are Now Available In Tesla Cars
Thousands Of Steam Video Games Are Now Available In Tesla Cars

Tesla’s newest update integrates the Steam game service into the onboard system, giving Model S and X owners access to thousands of video games.

This new update brings Steam into the infotainment system of the latest Models S and X. This means that thousands of video games will be available to Tesla drivers (while stationary). To illustrate this new feature, the carmaker published a video featuring “Cyberpunk 2077,” one of the most spectacular and popular video games on the platform. Customers of the American carmaker already had access to its own games platform, Tesla Arcade, consisting of relatively basic games. With Steam, the offer is enriched with thousands of video games.

When can Tesla users play the Steam video games?

This video game platform is integrated into the latest generations of Models S and X, which have an AMD Ryzen chip with a computing power of 10 teraflops, which, on paper, is comparable to a PS5. However customers need to remember that this is not about playing while driving, even under Autopilot, but about enjoying games while stopped, for example while recharging.

The game joins many other entertainment sources such as videos, music and podcasts. Besides Steam, this latest update also brings Apple Music into the American carmaker’s infotainment system.

What else is Tesla working on?

In other Tesla news, company owner Elon Musk is apparently also working on developing the world’s first amphibious car called Cybertruck. Slated to start production in 2023, it promises acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds — exceptional for a pickup truck — and tailored to endure hostile impacts such as stones or bullets. The vehicle is expected to have an ultra-futuristic design and massive storage capacity of over 2,800 litres, and towing capacity of just over 6 tons. Moreover, it is designed to withstand hostile impacts, from stones or even bullets.