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  • As the global broadcast, media and service provider industry is going through fundamental transformations, the complexity of operational systems is quickly growing beyond the point of human comprehension. Additionally, certain ongoing evolutions, such as the increased dynamics of new operational systems, make clear that the management of the underlying technology infrastructure will require innovative new paradigms to effectively tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

    In light of these evolutions, Skyline Communications’ word-leading DataMiner is now set to be the industry’s very first end-to-end network management platform enabling operators to manage the most complex operational ecosystems. It allows broadcast, media and service providers to tackle the new operational challenges they are facing in the all-IP and virtualized era all the more effectively. DataMiner applies cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to shape an entirely new operational experience and is the only platform in the industry that truly provides end-to-end visibility down to every single metric right across any component in an entire operation, across any vendor, technology or domain boundaries. Specific to the broadcast operations, the DataMiner AI engine needs to mine a large variety of data coming in, at high speed, and often incomplete. The platform automatically processes the data and maps it into the AI engines that learn behavior of the network and services on the fly, fully unsupervised. As a result, DataMiner assists the operator to make predictions, to detect unexpected behavior, to warn in case of an incident or simply to display the most relevant dashboard to the operator.

    The DataMiner value proposition is in this respect absolutely unique. This new paradigm is referred to as DataMiner Augmented Operation. Operators continue to use the same trusted environment and user interfaces, but the AI facilitates and assists wherever it can to make sure the operators get the right information at the right time, so that they can get ahead of the game. The efforts required to configure and maintain the setup of the network management platform are cut down, as this is being replaced by fully unsupervised learning capabilities. At the same time, DataMiner delivers far more intelligent and actionable insights than ever before. DataMiner Augmented Operation allows operators to focus on actually managing the operation proactively rather than having to resolve them in a reactive manner.

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