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Hamid Nawaz

Hamid Nawaz

General Manager, Enterprise & Cloud, MECA, SES

Hamid Nawaz is a Satellite and Telecom industry executive with 25 years of experience of operations, system engineering, business development & sales roles in telcoms companies, satellite service providers and satellite operators. He has under his belt quite a few large connectivity projects involving satellite, microwave and fibre transmission media with commercial value in multiple of millions of dollars. Hamid has also been awarded national IT excellence award in Pakistan for design and implementation of a global network for personal identification system.

Hamid continues to be part of revolutionising the connectivity with joining O3b in 2014 which later was acquired fully by SES. He currently leads the Middle East and Central Asia region of the company as General Manager. Hamid has extensive experience of developing and rolling out cellular backhaul solutions on Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites for large mobile operators like Telenor, China Mobile, Ooredoo, Veon (previously Vimplecom). He is one of the pioneers of successfully integrating 2G/3G/4G GSM gear with SES Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite network and hence was able to drive the tier-1 MNOs decision to hedge their bets on a more reliable SES MEO constellation for transporting the 3G and 4G data from their tower sites to the core network.

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