Joy He (He Li)

Joy He (He Li)

Joy He (He Li)

Sales & Marketing, Zhongshan Kingjoy Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd.

He Li, her English name is Joy. She is the sales Manager & Key Client Manager & Brand Marketing Manager

For Zhongshan Kingjoy Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd. Joy joined the company In 2013.

Joy is responsible for Kingjoy&AFI brands’ overseas sales and marketing.

In Oct, 2017, she got second place in Alibaba’s “New Foreign Trade Competition” in Zhongshan area.

Her dream is to find the reliable brand partners in each country, let Kingjoy&AFI brands known in the world.

Joy’s motto is Dream and Passion brings you better and better and her value is Keep trying, Doing your best, make your partner more successful


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