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Sandeep Sud

Sandeep Sud

Head Of Operations, KadaK FM

With over 20 years of experience in the Radio industry, involving launching and operating successful radio stations in India and the UAE, I pride myself as being the first Indian radio professional to successfully launch an Indian radio brand, Radio Mirchi, in the commercial radio space overseas (UAE). My extensive expertise in business development, cost and people optimization, team building, product and innovation management, has helped me shape thriving businesses across diverse geographies. As a Culture Evangelist, I am a strong advocate of fostering a positive work culture that encourages employee engagement to improve overall team performance. Additionally, my adaptability and relationship management skills have been honed over the years, thanks to my work in both domestic and international operations collaborating effectively with diverse teams and stakeholders. Building teams and businesses, particularly in emerging and rapidly evolving industries, is where I find the greatest excitement and fulfillment, rivaled only by my love for teaching and travel, which I pursue with equal enthusiasm outside of my professional life.

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