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Talal Al Awamleh

Talal Al Awamleh

CEO, Arab Telemedia Group

Talal Al Awamleh is a Jordanian producer. He is the executive producer and CEO of Arab Telemedia Group which was founded by his father Adnan Al-Awamleh in 1983.

Al-Awamleh was born in Amman, Jordan, in September 1974. He was born to the Jordanian producer Adnan Al-Awamleh and the Jordanian TV presenter Suha Toqan. Al-Awamleh was educated at Al-Rae’d Al Arabi school. He then obtained his Bachelor degree in political science from university of Jordan in 1996.

Talal Started working with his father at Arab Telemedia company while studying in university ; and in 2002 he became the CEO of the company. The group has been in the market for more than 35 years and has created thousands of hours of original, high quality , and award-winning television programs, including The Sons of Al-Rashid, Abu Ja’far Al-mansour, Al-Hajjaj, Malik Bin Al-Rayeb and Shahrazad. Arab Telemedia is an innovate group that services and support the production and broadcast industry in domestic and regional markets.

From a family business to a group of passionate, creative media professionals, inspired by his sound business models and creative risk- taking, Talal succeeded in restricting the company and gathering the necessary elements that allow for multiple productions, utilizing latest technologies, making the company one of the leading companies in the region.

Talal contributed enormously in shaping the Arabic productions in the region, he has been producing world class Arabic content in addition to controversial audience favourites telling Arabic stories to the whole world through the small screen, winning numerous local and international awards and recognitions.

In 2008, Al-Awamleh was awarded the first ever International Emmy Award for Best Telenovela for the dramatic series Al-Ijtiyah (The Invasion), which made him the first Arab producer to ever win an Emmy.

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